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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Join me on my BirthDay :)

Today I am celebrating BirthDay :) 

I love birthdays !  Specially my own ones  lol
So I want to share with you  this special day ...

Hmmm I know that I do not look like movie star in the morning .. but who does ?! ;) 

one day I will do a photo challange .. my hair in the morning, every morning  lol

First thing I do in the morning is .... checking my Etsy shop yeahh !

I need my glasses  to do that :)  oh and yes it is still there ! my sweet shop :)

As you can see spring is lost somewhere on their way to my town ........ but I have my own sun here :) Made by one of local Czech glass Artists. Mr Sobotka.

You can follow  Project52 Blog to see how my Window view changes every week 

MAKE  a wish ! MAKE A WISH !!!  :0)

I did not have a cake..  who cares I love this sweet  more than a cake ❤


But Today is a working day too, so I had some work to be done :) 

Every year I am taking my Birthday walk despite of weather conditions etc :) 
so  .. as you can see It wasn't so easy this year :) but I head a lot of fun  :)

BTW I made this hat by myself :) and I am very proud of it ! 

See you soon :) 


  1. Oh Happy BDay one more time! You look so lovely here and I bet it was a very nice day for you! Kisses and huggs!

  2. Sounds like you had a fun day!
    Happy birthday! :)

  3. Sto lat kochana! Uściski, buziaki i dużo dużo słoneczka :)
    Spełnienia marzeń :)

  4. Happy birthday!

    Love the hat, and that birthday "cake" looks great, too :)

  5. stoooo lat, stoooo lat!!! kochana!!!! :D

  6. Happy Birthday, Mada! :) Be happy!

  7. Happy Birthday Mada!!! Looks like you had fun :)

  8. Happy birthday! Beautiful photos... here I can't see snow (coimbra, Portugal) :(

  9. You did have a great birthday, I can see that:) Love your photos and your hat is fab too!

  10. Happy birthday!! It's a great idea to take a birthday walk, I'll do it next year for my birthday. Thank you for sharing your special day!

  11. Happy Birthday Mada!!!!) I love your day and the candies I know them and Love them too!!!!)Last few years I also walking around the city at my Birth Day and taking pictures! Maybe I should make such post this year, as you do! Thank you for sharing!!!)

    1. Last few years I was climbing one the same mountain on my BDay. It is my favorite place here :)
      But this year It was to much snow & I was weak after an awful flu .. so I was just walking arround this mountain :P

      But In about a month time there will be my NAME DAY :) I will go than.

      Those walks are important to me .. it is like wakening after winter.
      I like my tiny traditions & habbits. I recommend it to every person.

  12. Thank you all so much for visiting my Blog and all the great wishes
    Thank you Thank you Thank you

  13. Late - but still - All the best! is it still so snowy there? in April? Unbelievable...


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