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Friday, November 16, 2012

FuN New Listings & Galaxy Collection

OMG ! Do you know that CHRISTMAS are Coming !!! ???
I am listing and listing and listing NEW designs like mad

Today I will show you some Fun Earrings :) 
I started to make them for myself ...
Yes I know they more suitable for kids .. but !
I need to take care about my inner child sometime :)
You should do that too 
They are made from handmade Glass Beads - Lampworks


FUN GLASS Earrings on ETSY

So Autumn/Fall is here for good !
I really like this season. Specially here, where I live :)
To see some pictures of first
snow  visit my Photography Blog --> CLICK HERE 

Fall means days are shorter and nights longer.
It is perfect time to look in the sky.... watch stars


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