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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winter Wonderland of mine

Time is running so fast ... Winter in the Mountaines is spectacular!
 Yes it is .. when you sitting in a warm inside and looking through the window for an awesome outside  lol.  :P
But ohnestly It is snowing again today... oh my .. I am little bit fed up of snow. I am telling you 
Inspite of this fact I wanted to show you a bit of my Winter Wonderland :)) 
I love the place, where I live, Szklarska Poręba in Giants Mountains (Karkonosze)  
I traveled through the Europe, have seen the most desired places there  and guess waht ? 
I decided this is the place where I wanted to spend my life :) hmm why ? I will show you :)

 When is cold and frosty, snowing and windy it is really important
 to have a nice and nutritious breakfast :))

 This is what I like to eat in winter time: 

cooked apple / oatmeal / honey / banana / kiwi / raspberrie mousse -- Yammi :)

it is all good for you, full of vitamins, fiber and so tasty

Most of my time thise days I am spending on improving my shop and adding new creations :)

Today one of my friends shered on Facebook 
from Ellen Degeneres

Have a great week !  and see you tommorow at my 


  1. Beautiful. I love the second photo with the water and of course the horses.

  2. Beautiful photos! The horses are so neat!

  3. I can see why you like living there. Very enchanting! Your photos are wonderful!

  4. :) That's why I love mountains :) Magical place

  5. i've just found your blog - it is very cool and creative!:) You DO live in a gorgeous place!


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